Delta Optical Thin Film enables our technology and products to really shine and perform to their fullest capabilities. With their unique filter offerings and custom capabilities, Delta Optical Thin Film has been vital to the success of our products. Their focus on customer satisfaction makes sure that we have what we need very quickly.

Krishna Iyer
Product Design Specialist at P&P Optica

Even when presenting our product idea to Delta Optical Thin Film for the first time, I was impressed by the specialist knowledge and focused advice they provided. Their precise knowledge of the coating and filter technologies, as well as the filter simulation capabilities, ultimately led to the production of our Linear Variable Filters. These filters have properties which open up countless fields of application to us. Not only did we receive excellent support from Delta Optical Thin Film in the area of Linear Variable Filters, but also in terms of their optimal application within our optical systems. The quality of our end product is essentially determined by the high quality of the Linear Variable Filters, which continue to conform to our high standards.

Markus Schappacher
R&D Manager at BMG LABTECH GmbH

I am really impressed with the quality and performance of DELTA Filters. More importantly, our company has a fantastic working relationship with DELTA’s sales and engineering team. They are very customer-focused and went a long way to support our stringent filter requirements with their top-notch engineering professionalism.

Dr Phua
LightHaus Photonics


DELTA pushes the limits for what is possible with optical thin film filters in order to achieve advanced functionality, high precision and excellent durability. With their capability to design and produce for the most demanding custom requirements it is my pleasure to recommend DELTA.

Jesper Falden Offersgaard
Project Manager at Kaleido Technology


Edinburgh Biosciences sees DELTA as its closest and most important business partner. The relationship is based on the consistently excellent quality of DELTA’s optical thin film filters which are based on advanced technology and are manufactured to the highest level of performance and reproducibility. Add to that DELTA‘s excellent customer support and our collaboration on multiple technology-based projects in which DELTA’s filters were of central importance. These qualities make DELTA an excellent partner and supplier. We have no hesitation in recommending DELTA as the leading supplier of optical thin film filters.

Colin Campbell
Sales, Marketing and Customer Support Executive at Edinburgh Biosciences Ltd.


Thanks for inventing such a cool product [Linear Variable Bandpass Filter]!

Alan C Haungs
High Extraction Full Color Home LED Lighting, LLC