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At Delta Optical Thin Film we are 100% customer focused

Although you can buy optical filters in online shops like ours you very often find yourself in a situation in which your application requires specifications different from the ones of off-the-shelf filters. If this is the case Delta Optical Thin Film is the right partner for you!

With our long-term experience as an OEM supplier we understand your application. Together with you we make a careful requirement analysis and design a filter that both matches your technical requirements and your budget.

If needed we offer prototype runs or go directly into volume production with you. In any case we always work closely together with you and ensure a smooth design and manufacturing process. A designated project manager coordinates your project with our closely interlinked sales, R&D and production departments.

Did you know that once a design as been agreed on, our manufacturing team is able to produce the optical filters in high volumes and at competitive prices. All coatings are thoroughly tested before delivery.