Designing and manufacturing custom optical thin film filters is more complex than one might think. To achieve the first part of our vision

"Striving to improve the quality of life, we serve our OEM clients with innovative optical filters. The brightest talents find the opportunity to set new standards in our company and industry by bringing advanced optics into people's everyday life"

we have established a fine-tuned process chain from front to end: from the first idea for a custom optical filter to the finished product. The chain involves the first draft specifications, discussion of the intended application, modification of the specifications to increase yield and reduce cost, filter design and coding of the deposition control strategy, purchase of fresh substrates, design and manufacture of tooling if needed, incoming inspection and cleaning of the substrates, prototype production for more complex filters, up to five coating runs with intermediate spectral control and cleaning, dicing to the final size, final spectral and visual control including documentation, and last not least packaging and shipment. Click on the hot spots in the illustration below and learn more about the process steps and the interaction between you, our sales, development and production departments that finally lead from your idea to the filter you need.


Documenting our processes and products

High quality custom optical filters are the keystone of Delta Optical Thin Film’s success. Our quality management system ensures control and documentation of processes and products throughout the whole design and production process. We use an ERP system to manage the entire supply chain process including customers and suppliers, order handling, forecasting, reporting and communication. Our development team is able to make extremely precise predictions of, for example, phase retardation, and uses other dedicated techniques, helping customers make unique instruments. Our customers and stakeholders expect us to maintain high business ethics, to fulfil our obligations and to act with complete integrity. Our environmental and CSR policy are our tools to fulfil these obligations.

Did you know that once a design as been agreed on, our manufacturing team is able to produce the optical filters in high volumes and at competitive prices?
All coatings are thoroughly tested before delivery.