Optical Filters for OEM Customers

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a company that develops and build parts or equipment that another manufacturer markets. Delta Optical Thin Film focuses on developing high-performance optical filters specifically for OEM customers.

What is an Optical Filter?

An optical filter is a device that selectively transmits different wavelengths of light.

In the past optical filters were generally made of coloured glass. The wavelength that is transmitted by the filter is decided by its colour. Today, colour glass filters are mostly replaced by thin film interference filters.

These thin film optical filters are constructed with layer upon layer of thin films with different refractive index.

There are various types of optical filters available, and Delta Optical Thin Film’s range of optical filters is extensive.

We can provide continuously variable filter, bandpass filters, fluorescence filter sets, short wave pass filters, dichroic and polarisation beamsplitters, long wave pass filters, beamsplitter cubes, AOI tolerant dichroic beamsplitters and SMARTTM coatings in the UVA/VIS/NIR range.

Optical Filters from Delta Optical

We supply to a large range of OEMs, but the biomedical industry specifically utilizes our optical filters in processes including spectroscopy and flow cytometry. Our optical filters are helping the growing market for advanced imaging or diagnostic technologies as their requirements are becoming more demanding.

We are able to match customers’ specific requirements with our unique and advanced optimization software, ensuring a fast and efficient design process.

All of the optical filters we produce are unique. For each specific optical filter, we consider optical parameters such as full cone angle, polarisation state, and angle of incidence before the mechanical aspects are specified. This includes the substrate material, surface quality, and clear aperture.

Any alteration in any of these parameters can have an effect on the behaviour of the light as it passes through the filter, so they are all important considerations.

Delta Optical Thin Film are also committed to keeping costs down for our OEM customers. We only use rarer or more expensive materials when it is absolutely essential. Materials such as float glasses or BK7 can help to reduce costs and are often just as effective.

We are able to provide a unique service with our optical filters for OEM customers. We pride ourselves in a product that is of the highest quality delivered with a fast turnaround. If you are interested in any of our optical filters or have any other questions please contact us.