Optical Filters for OEM Customers

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a company that develops and build parts or equipment that another manufacturer markets. Delta Optical Thin Film focuses on developing high-performance optical filters specifically for OEM customers. What is an Optical Filter? An optical filter is a device that selectively transmits different wavelengths of light. In the past optical […]

Optical Filters for Fluorescence Techniques

The emission of light by a substance that has absorbed any kind of electromagnetic radiation is known as fluorescence. There is a range of analysis techniques that utilize the fluorescence phenomenon, and Delta Optical Thin Film supply a range of optical filters that can be used for these techniques. This blog post will discuss some […]

Optical Filters Used in Point of Care Instruments

Point of Care (PoC) instruments have various uses in medical diagnostics, including the detection of infectious diseases, testing haemoglobin levels and monitoring blood glucose levels. They are a popular choice for these types of tests as they only require a single drop of blood, saliva, or urine and can be performed by a GP within […]

Mini Spectrometer Components

Mini Spectrometer Components: Gratings A spectrometer measures wavelength dependent intensity of radiation over a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and it works by passing a beam through a slit onto a grating and then measuring the intensity of the spatially dispersed radiation that reaches the detector. There are various types of spectrometers available, and mini […]

Customised OEM Filters

Customised OEM filters Customised OEM filters are used in a number of industries to provide optimal diagnostic and imaging capabilities. The biomedical industry in particular utilises optical filters in processes such as fluorescent microscopy, flow cytometry and spectroscopy. With an ever-increasing market for cutting-edge technologies that incorporate advanced optical filters, total accuracy and consistent high […]

Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral Imaging Hyperspectral imaging is a hybrid technique, combining spectroscopy and 2D imaging, and most recently 3D imaging. A hyperspectral image is generated by collecting and processing images of the sample within narrow spectral bands (typically between 10 and 100) covering a continuous spectral range. This method produces spectral data for each individual pixel in […]

High spatial resolution hyperspectral camera based on a linear variable filter

We are proud to announce that our partner Ingmar Renhorn and his collaborators published the article High spatial resolution hyperspectral camera based on a linear variable filter in Optical Engineering. It can be openly accessed via http://opticalengineering.spiedigitallibrary.org/article.aspx?articleid=2587755. Read and share it!   More information on the filters used for the work in this article.  

Launch of LED and laser bandpass filters

Delta Optical Thin Film launches several LED and laser bandpass filters. They are optimized for specific LED and laser wavelengths and combine exceptionally large angular tolerance with high transmission and provide at least OD4 out-of-band rejection in a large wavelength range. This makes these filters well suited for machine vision applications with near-infrared LED illumination or Nd:YAG laser […]

And the winner is…

…Martin H. Skjelvareid!Last month we invited you to send us your suggestions for a new name for our linear variable bandpass filters for Hyperspectral Imaging. The response was overwhelming, and many of you had brilliant and creative ideas. The name we chose is Bifrost. It was suggested by Martin from Norway. Rainbow filter was the most numerous […]