Bifrost Continuously Variable Bandpass Filters for Image Sensors

Charged-couple device (CCD) and complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensors are the most common types of image sensors. They work by converting incident radiation into electrical signals that produce the image. In order for these sensors to work successfully, they require a bandpass filter, which is the element that determines which wavelengths are allowed to […]

What is a Beamsplitter?

A beamsplitter is an optical element that is used to split incident light into two or more beams by wavelength, polarization or intensity. Standard models are often used with unpolarized light sources in applications where the state of polarization isn’t important. These beamsplitters are designed to split unpolarized light at a specific reflection/transmission ratio. Other […]

The Story Behind the Bifrost Continuously Variable Bandpass Filters Name

In 2015 we launched our range of continuously variable bandpass filters that are specifically designed for hyperspectral imaging, and with this launch, we invited our customers to help name them. The response we had was immense, with a number of fantastic suggestions including ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Mantis’. The winning suggestion was ‘Bifrost’ from Martin H. Skjelvareid. […]

Hyperspectral Imaging for Cancer Detection

Hyperspectral imaging is used to collect and process images across the electromagnetic spectrum. The technique is a combination of spectroscopy and 2D or 3D imaging, and it is used to obtain the spectrum for each pixel in the image. Obtaining the spectrum enables hyperspectral imaging to be used for detecting processes, identifying materials, and finding […]

Ultra-Hard-Coated Optical Filters

Optical thin film filters are devices that are used to selectively transmit, or reflect different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, and they are used for a range of different applications. Standard optical filters include longwave and shortwave pass filters, bandpass filters, and dichroic and polarization beamsplitters. What is an Optical Filter Coating? Optical thin film […]

Optical Bandpass Filters from Delta Optical Thin Film

An optical bandpass filter is an element that allows wavelengths within a certain range to pass through and blocks any wavelengths outside of that range. These filters are often used for fluorescence microscopy, imaging, and spectroscopy among other applications. The passband is the range of the spectrum that is allowed to pass through the bandpass […]

Optical Filters for OEM Customers

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a company that develops and build parts or equipment that another manufacturer markets. Delta Optical Thin Film focuses on developing high-performance optical filters specifically for OEM customers. What is an Optical Filter? An optical filter is a device that selectively transmits different wavelengths of light. In the past optical […]

Optical Filters for Fluorescence Techniques

The emission of light by a substance that has absorbed any kind of electromagnetic radiation is known as fluorescence. There is a range of analysis techniques that utilize the fluorescence phenomenon, and Delta Optical Thin Film supply a range of optical filters that can be used for these techniques. This blog post will discuss some […]