Ultra-compact multispectral camera based on micro-optics

Our customer Fraunhofer IOF published an article about their Ultra-compact multispectral camera based on micro-optics in laser + photonics January 2019. Read the article online at https://lnkd.in/dFq7yXi or download a PDF copy from https://www.deltaopticalthinfilm.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Ultra-compact-multispectral-camera-based-on-micro-optics-laserphotonics_2019_42-44.pdf

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3D Hyperspectral Imaging Camera from Glana Sensors

Our partner Glana Sensors have recently launched their first Hyperspectral Imaging camera that is capable of simultaneous 3D measurements. It is based on our Bifrost filters for Hyperspectral Imaging. Read more about the camera on Glana Sensors’ homepage and their brochure. The primary focus is on agricultural applications.

Ultrakompakte Multispektralkamera auf der Basis einer Mikrooptik

Das Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Optik und Feinmechanik IOF hat eine ultrakompakte Multispektralkamera auf der Basis einer Mikrooptik und unter Verwendung unserer variablen Bifrost-Bandpassfilter entwickelt. Lesen Sie den gesamten Artikel oder laden Sie das PDF herunter.

Fluorescence Microscopy: Understanding Fluorophores

Fluorescence microscopy is a method of observing photo-emissive spectra from samples, and acquiring fluorescent signals that are roughly one million times weaker than the incident or one thousand times weaker than the scattered light. Observing the fluorescence of an analyte requires a sensitive array comprising an incident light source and robust optical filters with exacting […]

Hyperspectral Imaging Applications

Hyperspectral imaging is the process of photographically acquiring data from across the electromagnetic spectrum, with the aim of obtaining spectral information in each pixel of a captured image. This detailed technique uses multiple imaging methodologies to photograph a scene across the spectral range in many contiguous spectral bands. Hyperspectral imaging spectrometers cover wavelengths beyond the […]

What Are Optical Bandpass Filters?

An optical bandpass filter is a spectrally selectively transparent component capable of transmitting select wavelengths of light while blocking others. They are fully customisable to varying center wavelengths and bandwidths, enabling their application in a broad range of practical applications including fluorescence spectroscopy, microscopy, and flow cytometry. Delta Optical Thin Film previously explored the range […]

Using Continuously Variable Filters for Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Fluorescence spectroscopy is the processes of analyzing the emissive, spectral characteristics of a fluorescent compound which has been excited by photons of light. Typically, a sample will fluoresce light with longer wavelengths thus lower energy than that which it absorbed, requiring sensitive equipment with a broad wavelength range and high optical blocking (OD) to accurately […]