OSA Industry Member Profile – Delta Optical Thin Film

By Samantha Hornback, Research & Program Development Coordinator, The Optical Society OSA Industry Development Associates (OIDA) member Delta Optical Thin Film, Denmark, is the leading continuously variable filter manufacturer in the industry. Calling themselves “The Optical Filter Company,” Delta puts an emphasis on customization and the highest quality products. To learn more about Delta and […]

Delta Optical Thin Film A/S helps develop Covid-19 quick tests

We are extremely happy to have developed and produced a set of high-performance fluorescence filters for Danish Qlife to be used in their ground-breaking egoo.health Point of Care instrument. Qlife has licensed and implemented a test for Covid-19 that delivers a result within 20 minutes. Read more about the instrument and test at https://www.egoo.health and […]

We Are Open for Business, Set up a Teams Meeting!

#covid19 and its possible implications make the headlines these days. At Delta Optical Thin Film A/S we want to minimise the risks associated with the pandemic for our customers, suppliers and ourselves. Therefore, we decided to cease all travel activities until further notice. But you can still meet, see and talk to us virtually. We […]

Fight Corona!

As everybody else we are both concerned and affected by the Corona virus pandemic – both at a personal and business level. As of today we are in the lucky situation that none of our colleagues or their families are infected with Covid19. Our operations continue to operate under strict safety measures.   At the […]

Delta Optical Thin Film A/S launches 4G Continuously Variable Filters

Delta Optical Thin Film has utilised its decades of experience to develop the 4th generation Continuously Variable Short Wave Pass and Continuously Variable Long Wave Pass Filters. A continuously variable filter is a wedged filter that has spectral properties that vary continuously along one dimension of the filter. Just one of these filters can be […]

High spatial resolution hyperspectral camera based on exponentially variable filter

Our customer Ingmar G. E. Renhorn recently published an article in Optical Engineering, 58 (10), 103106 (2019), https://doi.org/10.1117/1.OE.58.10.103106 that utilizes our most recent development, a continuously variable bandpass filter that features an exponential dispersion to obtain uniform sampling with respect to spectral resolution, i.e., a constant number of samples per spectral channel. At Delta Optical Thin […]

Delta Optical Thin Film A/S was awarded the prestigious Børsen Gazelle 2019 award

Delta Optical Thin Film A/S was awarded the prestigious Børsen Gazelle 2019 award today. The Gazelle is awarded to companies that grew their revenue in four consecutive years and have at least doubled their revenue in these four years. Obviously we achieved these criteria 😉 We owe a big “Thank you!” to our customers, partners, […]

Bringing Light Field Technology to HSI

Our customer Cubert GmbH released their hyperspectral light field camera ULTRIS 20 with a groundbreaking new approach. You can download the English and German version of an article that describes the camera and compares it to traditional prism-based and filters-on-chip approaches. At Delta Optical Thin Film we are  proud to contribute with our unique Bifrost […]

Delta Optical Thin Film A/S celebrates cornerstone-laying ceremony

Following strong growth Delta Optical Thin Film A/S today celebrates the cornerstone-laying ceremony for its new facilities in DTU Science Park in Hørsholm, Denmark. A new, larger facility becomes necessary as Delta Optical Thin Film A/S has outgrown its current residence both in terms of production and office space. Since Delta Optical Thin Film A/S […]

Delta Optical Thin Film A/S Visits Island of Hven

Employees of Delta Optical Thin Film A/S visit the beautiful island of Hven Some of you might remember that Delta Optical Thin Film A/S had received the prize for extraordinary growth by our municipality Rudersdal in December 2018. The price also comprised 10,000 kr. for a social event. Last weekend we finally made us of […]