What is a Beamsplitter?

A beamsplitter is an optical element that is used to split incident light into two or more beams by wavelength, polarization or intensity. Standard models are often used with unpolarized light sources in applications where the state of polarization isn’t important. These beamsplitters are designed to split unpolarized light at a specific reflection/transmission ratio. Other types of beamsplitters include polarizing beamsplitters, which are designed to split light into transmitted P-polarized and reflected S-polarized beams. Polarizing beamsplitters are also often used for optical isolation and other polarization separation applications.

Intensity beamsplitters are used to split light into a specific R/T ratio while the incident light’s original polarization state and wavelength are maintained. These beamsplitters are often used in applications that require polarization to be maintained when using polarized light.

Another common type of beamsplitter is dichroic beamsplitters, which split light by wavelength. These beamsplitters are often used in fluorescence applications and Delta Optical Thin Film have recently released a new range dichroic beamsplitters to the market.

AOI Tolerant Dichroic Beamsplitters

Delta Optical Thin Film have launched a new range of dichroic beamsplitters that maintain performance while the angle of incidence changes.

These dichroic beamsplitters are angle tolerant, and the angle dependent movements of the edge and polarisation splitting is minimised. The reflection and transmission of these beamsplitters remain high in the specified wavelength ranges.

Our range of AOI tolerant dichroic beamsplitters have ultra-hard coated filters, which are extremely robust and can maintain a high level of performance even in elevated temperatures and high humidity. The standard dimensions for these beamsplitters is a plate at 26 mm x 36 mm x 1 mm, but custom dimensions are available on request if required.

We have two standard types of these filters, the DCLP which is a long wave pass dichroic, and DCSP which is a short wave pass dichroic.

These beamsplitters have a range of application areas, including Point of Care systems and LED based imaging.

If you would like any information about our range of AOI tolerant dichroic beamsplitters, please contact us.