The Story Behind the Bifrost Continuously Variable Bandpass Filters Name

In 2015 we launched our range of continuously variable bandpass filters that are specifically designed for hyperspectral imaging, and with this launch, we invited our customers to help name them.

The response we had was immense, with a number of fantastic suggestions including ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Mantis’. The winning suggestion was ‘Bifrost’ from Martin H. Skjelvareid.

What’s in A Name: Bifrost

As continuously variable bandpass filters cover a large wavelength range, ‘Rainbow’ would have been the obvious choice, but ‘Bifrost’ takes this idea one step further.

In mythology, Bifrost is a burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Earth (Midgard) and the realm of the Gods (Asgard). This ‘rainbow bridge’ has similarities to the visual appearance of the continuously variable bandpass filters when they are looked through at sunlight. Scholars have also suggested that Bifrost may mean ‘shimmering path’, and a ‘fleetingly glimpsed rainbow’, which also could be synonymous with the images the filters produce.

The name Bifrost also suggests that our filters are a bridge between the next generation of hyperspectral imaging cameras and the requirements of the users that have not yet been achieved.

The origin of the mythology is Norse, which is also fitting for our product as the home country of Delta Optical Thin Film is Danmark.

Bifrost Continuously Variable Bandpass Filters from Delta Optical Thin Film

Our Bifrost continuously variable bandpass filters provide many benefits over conventional methods for hyperspectral imaging. Their size is one of these benefits, as they are compact they allow the design of smaller, inexpensive, yet powerful hyperspectral imaging detectors.

These filters also provide huge aperture and higher transmission compared to prism and grating. The signal to noise ratio of these filters is excellent and the measurement times achievable are shorter than standard filters. They also provide a high level of suppression against stray light, which ensures that measurements are more precise.

If you would like any more information about our Bifrost continuously variable bandpass filters please, contact us.