Custom Optical Filters

Custom Optical Filters

Custom optical filters are used in a number of industries to provide optimal diagnostic and imaging capabilities. The biomedical industry in particular utilises optical filters in processes such as fluorescent microscopy, flow cytometry and spectroscopy. With an ever-increasing market for cutting-edge technologies that incorporate advanced optical filters, total accuracy and consistent high quality are required. Often, this subsequently means that filters of non-standard shapes are required, which then must be custom-made for the OEM customer

Delta Optical Thin Film manufactures entirely customised optical filters to particular client specifications. Each filter is unique, and this ensures every filter is ideally manufactured for a specific application and customer. In the biomedical sector, due to the highly precise nature of biotechnology applications, precise specifications and measurements are imperative to ensure accuracy of the product. Required optical parameters, such as wavelength and bandpass, define what type of filter must be manufactured, which directly affects mechanical specifications such as filter thickness and shape. Any more challenging technical requirements such as tunable filters for use in particular applications can also be accommodated by Delta Optical Thin Film to ensure high performance of the optical filter.

Custom Optical Filter - Customised OEM Filters

Optical parameters such as the angle of incidence, full cone angle and polarisation state are taken into account for a specific filter. An alteration of each parameter will affect the behaviour of the light through the filter. In turn, mechanical specifications such as width and height of the custom optical filter, thickness, substrate material and clear aperture also have to be carefully considered. In the interests of reducing costs and lead-time, using rarer or more expensive materials when not absolutely necessary is advised against. BK7 or float glasses are often just as effective and use of these can reduce costs and allow the manufacturing process to be completed more quickly. All variable factors listed above would generally depend on the type of application that the custom optical filter will then be used for.

Delta Optical Thin Film provide unique customisation and manufacture of OEM filters. Every design of filter manufactured for a customer is completely unique and produced to the highest quality. Fast turnaround and custom design feedback aids the custom manufacturing process, with excellent OEM and technical support assisting the smooth running of the whole process.

If you cannot find the filter youw need among our standard products, please do not hesitate to let us know of your requirements. Please fill in our specification sheet as complete as possible and return it to us by email. When specifying your filter, our technical note will help you avoid the main cost drivers in filter design.