Have you ever wondered how optical filters are produced?

Get a glimpse behind the scenes of modern optical thin film filter production on a virtual tour through Delta Optical Thin Film A/S' new facility!


Although we are a hardware manufacturer, knowledge is the core of our company. We cultivate knowledge transfer and expansion in our company. Employees are constantly trained and exchange their knowledge and best practice. We take part in and co-organize conferences, publish articles and give presentations worldwide.

We are at our best when we closely interact with our customers, understand their application and optical design. This helps us help our customers with our knowledge about custom optical filters and optics in general. The most successful projects are the result of an open atmosphere and deep discussions with our customers – of course after signing a mutual non-disclosure agreement because often we reveal details about our design and production processes.

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Our history goes back to the 1970s. We have a long tradition of pushing the limits of filter technology towards ever increasing performance. We challenge ourselves everyday to turn our customers' visions into reality. If you want to employ your knowledge and creativity in a key-enabling high-technology environment with a bright future then Delta Optical Thin Film A/S is the place for you.

Delta Optical Thin Film A/S is located half an hour north of Copenhagen, the capitol of Denmark, where the happiest people in the world live. Enjoy the Scandinavian way of working and living in Denmark where the sea is always close.

Work in an owner-run business with flat hierarchies and open doors. We value your contribution and ideas, offer flexible working hours and the chance to define your own working day in freedom with responsibility (frihed under ansvar).

We Are The Optical Filter Company.
Building on six decades of pushing the limits of technology, we design and manufacture high-performance optical filter solutions, helping our OEM customers to develop instruments with unique benefits and enable new applications for their users.
Striving to improve the quality of life, we serve our OEM clients with innovative optical filters. The brightest talents find the opportunity to set new standards in our company and industry by bringing advanced optics into people's everyday life.

In accordance with our vision to improve the quality of life by bringing advanced optics into people's everyday life, Delta Optical Thin Film A/S delivers its products only to customers whose products exclusively have civil applications. We are excited about applications that help fight diseases, develop new cures, secure supply and quality of food, and others that improve quality and standard of life.

Our values are the guiding principles for our daily work.

Knowledge is a necessity for our success. We become knowledgable by being curious about our customers' needs and requirements. We are driven by being a technology leader. We are anticipatory and acquire competences and know-how.
Understanding of everybody's tasks in the company and our coworkers' personal situation and motives is paramount for our success. We strive to understand others' perspectives and point of view by taking genuine interest.
The Extra Mile
We go "The Extra Mile" to live up to our customers' and colleagues' expectations. We give our best to do the right thing right the first time. We evaluate and learn from our mistakes. We challenge the status quo and improve constantly.
Our shared passion is the driving force to fulfil our mission and reach our vision. Only as a strong team with members of equal value we can live up to our ambitions. Our teamwork is built upon dialogue, mindfulness of others and mutual consent.
Everybody at Delta Optical Thin Film A/S is an expert in their field and has a natural interest in professional development. We keep up to date and share our knowledge with customers and colleagues. We are proactive, inspire and challenge each other with innovation as goal.


Poul Svensgaard
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Henrik Fabricius
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Brit Andersen
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Jes E. Freisner
Production Manager
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Tue Normann Hansen
Senior Development Engineer
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