Physically small custom optical filters

Delta Optical Thin Film can deliver physically small custom optical filters for research, clinical and PoC fluorescence-based instruments in high volumes at low cost. By combining our optical filters with our knowledge in complete optical design, we help our customers with more than the optical filters.

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Small custom optical filters without compromising the optical output

PoC medical technologies require portable, small and robust instrumentation for practical implementation. Most of the potential applications of PoC technology require a detection sensitivity at least equivalent to existing methods. This means that the optics in this system need to be at least as good as in larger equipment. The challenge is to reduce the size of all optics without compromising the optical output.

We have often been involved in optimisations of the optical system, and thereby improved the quality of the instrument together with our customers. Our background as OEM supplier of high-quality custom optical filter sets for fluorescence microscopy gives the right background as supplier of optical filters used in PoC instruments. Many times, our high-performance fluorescence filters have been the starting point of fruitful collaborations.

Delta Optical Thin Film as a trusted partner in the biomedical and biotech market

PoC diagnostics suppliers need microfluidics technology, medical expertise, and optical expertise, meaning that close and efficient partnerships between very different companies are required. Delta Optical Thin Film is used to work as a trusted partner, and we have many times been involved in optimisations of the optical system, thereby improved the quality of the instrument together with our customers.

Our custom optical filters have been used in clinical applications in the biomedical, biotech, and drug discovery markets. All our optical filters are engineered for the next generation of PoC instruments.

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Did you know that Delta Optical Thin Film’s filters are found in leading medical and bioscience products throughout the world?