LED quality assessment

Linear Variable Bandpass Filter for Light Quality Assessment

Not all "white" light is the same. Many of the incandescent and halogen "replacement" LED lights currently on the market use less energy but are not true replacements as the white light they emit is of poor quality. In applications where appearance is of paramount importance, light quality cannot be compromised.

See how manufacturer of high quality LED lights Beijing Yuji Science and Technology Co., Ltd uses DELTA's Linear Variable Bandpass Filters (LVVISBP) to easily assess the quality of "white" light emitted from several different light sources.

How is it done?

They simply place the LVVISBP in front of a light source and observe by eye the light transmitted through the filter. The distinct differences in spectra are immediately noticeable to the human eye or in images taken with a camera.

In the images below you can see the light of a fluorescent lamp, a standard LED and Yuji's 98 CRI LED transmitted through the filter along with comments about the differences.


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