STELLARIS 8 DIVE (Deep In Vivo Explorer)

Leica Microsystems develop and manufacture a range of microscopes and scientific instruments for microstructure and nanostructure analysis. Delta Optical Thin Film has developed a range of continuously variable optical filters for Leica Microsystems, for use in their STELLARIS 8 DIVE (Deep In Vivo Explorer).

The STELLARIS 8 DIVE (Deep In Vivo Explorer) is the first spectrally tunable solution for multicolour, multiphoton imaging. The instrument is equipped with 4Tune, which is a tunable, non-descanned detection system. This provides the users with flexibility and the opportunity to develop innovative multicolour deep in vivo experiments.

The 4Tune detector can be equipped with two to four detection units and it can be configured with hybrid detectors and photomultipliers. It uses a combination of continuously variable dichroic beam splitters and continuously variable edge filters to separate the emission light. These optical filters have been developed by Delta Optical Thin Film to help further improve the capabilities of the STELLARIS 8 DIVE (Deep In Vivo Explorer).

Source: Leica Microsystems

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