What Do We Do?

Delta Optical Thin Film A/S specialises since the 1960s in custom designing and manufacturing high performance optical filters for discerning OEM customers. With its unique and advanced optimisation software to match customers’ particular optical specifications, Delta ensures a fast and efficient design process.

Your Applications

Our optical filters are found world-wide in a variety of applications, for example hyperspectral imaging, fluorescence microplate readers, fluorescence microscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, mini spectrometers, optical coherence tomography, LED quality assessment or Point of Care (PoC) diagnostics.

Our Solutions

Our product range of optical filters comprises, linear variable filters, fluorescence filter sets, bandpass filters, short wave pass filters, long wave pass filters, dichroic and polarisation beamsplitters, AOI tolerant dichroic beamsplitters, beamsplitter cubes and SMART™ coatings in the UVA/VIS/NIR range.